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Who's running this thing?

Thelemapedia is hosted by Scarlet Woman Lodge (, a chartered local body of Ordo Templi Orientis. The current lodgemaster is Fr. do. The site was originated by Fr. Ash (John Bowie) in 2004. Fr. Ash has passed the office of managing director to Fr. Omega Baphomet.


There is a class of membership that is responsible for the maintenance and caretaking of the site, called Stewards. Stewards are Thelemapedians who have "administrator" rights. Their primary responsibility is to care for the welfare and integrity of the site. Editorially, they have no more authority than any other site member, and are equally bound to Thelemapedia editorial policies. At the same time, they do have special security privileges which they use to enforce policy when necessary. For example, they have the ability to protect and delete pages, block and ban users, and delete obvious vandalism. More than that, they are available for dispute mediation and as a source of assistance, essentially providing guidance and leadership within the Thelemapedia community.

More about Stewards | List of current Stewards (technically called admins)


About a topic. Every page (article pages, policy pages, user pages) has its own Discussion page, and that's often the best place for questions that are specific to a single topic. Simply hit the "discussion" link on the grey navigation bar above.

About a User. To learn more about a Thelemapedia user, click on their name to view their user page. To talk to someone on Thelemapedia, go to their user page and click "Discussion" in the grey navigation bar. You can see the entire roster of current users on the User List.

About Thelemapedia. The Thelemapedia Forum at The Lounge ( is our community's central gathering point. It is a place for friendly questions, discussions, theory, planning, and much more. If in doubt, post there first.

Thelemapedia on LiveJournal ( Yup, we have our own community there. If you have a LiveJournal account (or wanted an excuse to have one), stop on by with questions, comments, or mindless chatter.


Technical. If you are experiencing serious technical difficulties with Thelemapedia, email us for Technical Assistance ( If you are only having minor problems, or are simply curious about something, you might want to post your inquiry on the Thelemapedia Forum (

Abuse. If you see someone you suspect is abusing their privileges in some way, email us for an Abuse Report (

Disputes. If you (or others you see) are having problems over content or are struggling with an edit war, the first thing to do is read our entry on Dispute Resolution. If the members or community cannot solve the conflict, then a request for mediation or arbitration can be made. So, as a last resort, email us for Dispute Resolution (

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