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Thelemapedia:Tutorial (Account)

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In order to add materials or edit articles, you must have a Thelemapedia account and be logged in to the site. If you already have an account, you can log in now by hitting the "Create an account or log in" button in the top right corner. Go ahead and do that now, and then return to this page. Once you're logged in, you're ready to move on to Editing.

New accounts

You do not have to sign up to use Thelemapedia: it is free for everyone to read. However, if you want to edit articles and add to the encyclopedia, then you have to create an account by applying to become a Thelemapedia editor. The first step is to look over our editorial policies to make sure you agree with them and can work within our guidelines. By applying for membership, you are implicitly agreeing with these policies, so it's important you read them first.

There are only two requirements for becoming a Thelemapedia editor:

  1. The ability to work within the guidelines of our editorial policies, and
  2. Showing that you have some writing experience

There are no other requirements for membership, such as association with any organization or church, being a Thelemic scholar, or even being an avowed Thelemite. In such cases, all you need is a desire to add to and improve the site.

When you are ready, send an email to ( with the following information:

  1. Full civil name (i.e. the name on your driver's license)
  2. Desired Username
  3. Working email address (this is necessary to get your pasword)
  4. City, State, and Country where you reside
  5. An example of writing, preferably online (such as a blog, personal website, or online publication)
  6. A brief description of how you think you might contribute to Thelemapedia

All personal information, including your civil name, will remain strictly confidential.

Thelemapedia reserves the right to deny or accept any person for membership for any reason and at any time, without the need for explanation.

Go ahead and send your email. We'll wait.......okay! Now on to Editing...

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