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The word conjuration (from Latin 'conjuratio', 'conjurare', to swear together) can be interpreted in several different ways: as an invocation or evocation (the latter in the sense of binding by a vow); as an exorcism; or as an act of illusionism. The word is often used synonymously with "invocation", although the two are not synonyms. One who performs conjurations is called a conjurer or conjuror.

As an invocation, a conjuration is the act of summoning one or more spirits with a pre-determined purpose by means of a charm. This typically means that the conjurer will perform some ritual to call upon the spirit.

Some conjurations have as a requisite a previous ritual of purification of body, mind and soul to attract the spirit or avoid the danger this entity could represent.

Some think that for a better result the conjurer must wear special clothes and/or ornaments, and amulets for attraction and/or protection. Magic symbols drawn on the floor and/or altar and embroidered on the clothes are often used, having each one a specific purpose. The hour of the day or night and the planetary aspects (astrological configuration of the zodiac) are considered important, depending on the purpose of the conjuration.

A special atmosphere is generally preferred in the room or place in which the ritual is going to be performed, using specific aromatic resins and herbs (incense, myrrh, etc.), and lighting the place with candles or torches if possible.

The conjuration of the ghosts or souls of the dead for the purpose of divination is called necromancy.


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