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Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta

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Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta, the "Fraternity of the Hidden Light," is an "Aquarian Age Mystery School" founded by Paul Clark, who serves as the Steward of the Order.

The F.L.O. traces its lineage from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn via the Thoth-Hermes Temple of the Alpha et Omega, under the Preamonstrance of Paul Foster Case.

The stated aims of the organization threefold:

 1. To act as a modern day repository of the Ancient Wisdom teachings of the Tarot, Qabalah, Alchemy, Astrology, and related Arcane Sciences;

2. To train its members for unselfish service to humanity, by providing a seeding-ground for their growth and development through group and individual applications of the Wisdom teachings;

3. To promulgate the Ancient Wisdom teachings in an effort to elevate the thought life of a humanity at large, and help herald the coming of a universal brotherhood on earth.

F.L.O. is a worldwide organization, with Lodges and study groups throughout America, Europe and Spain.

The website for the Grand Lodge of the Fraternity of the Hidden Light (

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