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The Star Sapphire

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Part of the Magick in Theory & Practice series.

The Star Sapphire is a magick ritual written by Aleister Crowley, which first appeared in his Book of Lies, Chapter 36, in 1913. It is a Thelemic version of the Ritual of the Hexagram, developed by members of The Golden Dawn. It is commonly considered to be a thinly veiled instruction for sex magick, although it can certainly be performed as a non-sexual exercise. The Star Sapphire is an official ritual of the A.'.A.'.

Table of contents

The ritual

The text of the Star Sapphire, also called Liber XXXVI, from Magick, Book 4:

Let the Adept be armed with his Magick Rood [and provided with his Mystic Rose].
In the centre, let him give the L.V.X. signs; or if he know them, if he will and dare do them, and can keep silent about them, the signs of N.O.X. being the signs of Puer, Vir, Puella, Mulier. Omit the sign I.R.
Then let him advance to the East and make the Holy Hexagram, saying:
Pater et Mater unus deus Ararita. (Father and Mother are the one God ARARITA)
Let him go round to the South, make the Holy Hexagram and say:
Mater et Filius unus deus Ararita. (Mother and Son are the one God ARARITA)
Let him go round to the West, make the Holy Hexagram and say:
Filius at Filia unus deus Ararita. (Son and Daughter are the one God ARARITA)
Let him go round to the North, make the Holy Hexagram and then say:
Filia et Pater unus deus Ararita. (Daughter and Father are the one God ARARITA)
Let him then return to the Centre, and so to The Centre of All (making the Rosy Cross as he may know how) saying
Ararita Ararita Ararita (In this the Signs shall be those of Set Triumphant and of Baphomet. Also shall Set appear in the Circle. Let him drink of the Sacrament and let him communicate the same.)
Then let him say:
Omnia in Duos: Duo in Unum: Unus in Nihil: Haec nec Quatuor nec Omnia nec Duo nec Unus nec Nihil Sunt.
Gloria Patri et Matri et Filio et Filiae et Spiritui Sancto externo et Spiritui Sancto interno ut erat est erit in saecula Saeculorum sex in uno per nomen Septem in uno Ararita.
(All in Two; Two in One; One in None; These are neither Four nor All nor Two nor One nor None. Glory be to the Father and the Mother and the Son and the Daughter and the Holy Spirit without and the Holy Spirit within as it was, is, will be for ages and ages six in one through the name seven in one ARARITA.)
Let him then repeat the signs of L.V.X. but not the signs of N.O.X.: for it is not he that shall arise in the Sign of Isis Rejoicing.


Crowley's comment regarding The Star Sapphire in The Book of Lies states:

The Star Sapphire corresponds with the Star-Ruby of Chapter 25; 36 being the square of 6, as 25 is of 5. This chapter gives the real and perfect Ritual of the Hexagram.
It would be improper to comment further upon an official ritual of the A.'.A.'.

The Holy Hexagram

The "Holy Hexagram" is a reference to Chapter 69 in The Book of Lies:

        The Way to Succeed—And the Way to Suck Eggs!
This is the Holy Hexagram. Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with Man! Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with Beast! The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace; the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of prayer. This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the Word of Double Power—ABRAHADABRA!—is the sign of the GREAT WORK, for the GREAT WORK is accomplished in Silence. And behold is not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer. whose Sigil is ♋? This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is per- fect in itself. Little children, love one another!

Crowley explains:

The key to the understanding of this chapter is given in the number and the title, the former being intelligible to all nations who employ Arabic figures, the latter only to experts in deciphering English puns.

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