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Tree of Life:Zodiac

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Part of the Tree of Life series

T H E   T R E E   O F   L I F E

The Tree of Life includes
The 10 Emanations or Sephiroth
The 22 Paths that connect them
The Correspondences

Columns from Liber 777:
  • CXXXVII—"Signs of the Zodiac"
  • CXXXVIII—"Planets ruling CXXXVII"
  • CXXXIX—"Planets exalted in CXXXVII"
  • CXLII—"Angels ruling Houses"
  • CXLIII—"Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs"
  • CXXXIX—"Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day"
  • CXL—"Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Night"
  • CXLVI, CXLVII, CXLVIII—"Angels of the Decantes (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CXLIX, CL, CLI—"Magical Images of the Decans (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLII, CLIII, CLIV—"Perfumes (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLV, CLVII, CLIX—"Goetic Demons of Decans by Day (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLVI, CLVIII, CLX—"Magical Images of [Goetic Demons of Decans by Day] (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLXI, CLXIII, CLXV—"Goetic Demons of Decans by Night (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLXII, CLXIV, CLXVI—"Magical Images of [Goetic Demons of Decans by Night] (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLXVII, CLXIX, CLXXI—"Egyptian Gods of the Zodiac (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"
  • CLXVIII, CLXX, CLXXII—"Egyptian Names of the Decans (Ascendant) (Succedent) (Cadent)"

See also—Astrology & the Tree of Life

Within the western magical tradition, the Tree of Life is used as a kind of conceptual filing cabinet within the larger system of the Qabalah, the use of which was central to the mystical teachings of Aleister Crowley. Each sephera ("Emination") and path is assigned various ideas, such as astrological planets and signs, cards of the Tarot, and the classical elements. Many of these correspondances were gathered together in Crowley's book Liber 777, which is used for these listings.

Table of contents

Signs of the Zodiac, with Ruling and Exalted Planets

Angels ruling Houses

Twelve Lesser Assistant Angels in the Signs

Angel Lords of the Triplicity in the Signs by Day / Night

Angels of the Decantes

Ascendant / Succedent / Cadent

Magical Images of the Decans


Ascendant / Succedent / Cadent

Goetic Demons of Decans by Day

Goetic Demons of Decans by Night

Egyptian Gods of the Zodiac

Ascendant / Succedent / Cadent

Egyptian Names of the Decans

Ascendant / Succedent / Cadent

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