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Presented here are the major characters of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, along with the codes used to display them in a Web browser.

Table of contents

Greek characters

Here are the classical Greek characters, both upper and lower case, along with the html code that creates the character.

Alpha Α Α α α
Beta Β Β β β
Gamma Γ Γ γ γ
Delta Δ Δ δ δ
Epsilon Ε Ε ε ε
Zeta Ζ Ζ ζ ζ
Eta Η Η η η
Theta Θ Θ θ θ
Iota Ι Ι ι ι
Kappa Κ Κ κ κ
Lambda Λ Λ λ λ
Mu Μ Μ μ μ
Nu Ν Ν ν ν
Xi Ξ Ξ ξ ξ
Omicron Ο Ο ο ο
Pi Π Π π π
Rho Ρ Ρ ρ ρ
Sigma Σ Σ σ σ (ς final Sigma)
Tau Τ Τ τ τ
Upsilon Υ Υ υ υ
Phi Φ Φ φ φ
Chi Χ Χ χ χ
Psi Ψ Ψ ψ ψ
Omega Ω Ω ω ω

Greek Archaic Letters and Alternates

Upsilon (hook) ϒ ϒ
Stigma Ϛ Ϛ ϛ ϛ
Digamma Ϝ Ϝ ϝ ϝ
Koppa Ϟ Ϟ ϟ ϟ
Sampi Ϡ Ϡ ϡ ϡ

Hebrew characters

Following are the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, including the five "final letters".

Aleph א א    
Beth ב ב    
Gimel ג ג    
Daleth ד ד    
Heh ה ה    
Vau ו ו    
Zayin ז ז    
Cheth ח ח    
Teth ט ט    
Yod י י    
Kaph כ כ ך ך
Lamed ל ל    
Mem מ מ ם ם
Nun נ נ ן ן
Samekh ס ס    
Ayin ע ע    
Peh פ פ ף ף
Tzaddi צ צ ץ ץ
Qoph ק ק    
Resh ר ר    
Shin ש ש    
Tau ת ת    

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